Congratulations ... on the 8x10

One thought on the older Turner Reich Triple Convertible lenses. The cement used in gluing elements often starts to deteriorate around the edges. Commonly called separation. Depending on how much there is, it can influence lens performance.

I bought a 12/19/25 TR Triple Convertible on EB** and decided I was unhappy with its performance and esthetically - it looked ugly. I sent it in to SKGrimes to be disassembled and recemented with modern materials. For contact printing it works great and it looks great. But, of course, having it repaired wasn't cheap, and put me over budget. But, its really not about $$ is it?

Another issue on these older lenses is the shutter. Mine came in a Betax which also required some TLC to get going. Again, worth it to get it to do the basics.

Moral of the story, don't jump on the first lens you see, ask about the specific condition and separation. One person's 'a little separation' may be more than you thought 'a little' should be.