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Just a note from someone who has done this....

My childhood hobbies were electronics and ham radio. One thing I miss A LOT is having a hobby and enjoying it for the heck of it. If you notice, anything and everything I enjoyed became my job. As soon as something becomes a job, all the fun part of the field goes out the picture. In a sense, one loses a hobby.

Something to think about....
You've been reading my diary ;-) Ham, electronics, but I did photography in the 60's, then into microfilm, then into microfilm equipment, computers, electronics, programming, and now an IT supervisor.

I've wrecked almost every good hobby I've had moving into the job market. It's been long enough, I'm back into analog film and hollowstate electronics now, just treat computers as a tool at home.

There's been a couple of well thought out comments that better said my thoughts when I made the comment about what folks do at 40 years old vs what they were trained to do. Lots of really good observations and advice.

College/school has the opportunity to teach you some basics, math, language, and how to learn. The big one, and one that was not taught when I was in school,,, is how to learn a new trick on your own. Politically correct plagiarism is a skill that will never let you down. (OK,,, research, home work, citations and so on;-)