I really don't wish to come off as a total creep, but how does someone (including a high school student) decide they want to be something when they do not know:
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An explanation of what the occupation consists of.
What is needed to become a photographer?
What sort of background is needed?
what is the estimated job outlook and earnings expected to make in this field.
When I was in high school, I wanted to be a lawyer. I knew no more about that profession than this young budding photojournalist. Why did I want to be a lawyer? Perry Mason.

Once I did what this young lady is doing (only I did the research myself, I couldn't ask online) and discovered what lawyers really do, I lost the desire.

Seriously - good luck with your ambition. I do applaud you for looking into it at this stage. There are a lot of teenagers that see only the glamour image of a profession (Perry Mason, "band" photographer, etc.) and don't really know what the job is in real life. Hang in there!