When my wife and I were married, over 20 years ago, I was attending art college and I was making a living doing architectural photography, a few portraits and selling art prints in a Gallery. After our first child was born my wife informed me that I had to make a more substantial living than the hit or miss that photography offered. I had not done any real photography for 18 years until my daughter expressed an interest in it about 8 months ago. Whether or not she does anything with it, I owe her (don't tell her that) for getting ME back into something that I love.

As far as my daughter, I think that she is more enamored with the perceived romance of band photography. She doesn't really understand what it means to make a living at photography. I have tried to explain to her that she really needs to look at doing other types of photography to supplement the band photography unless she can get a job with a major label or a magazine. Fortunately a friend of mine knows a successful band photographer that does work for a major label and I have tried to get her to talk to him, no go so far.