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Exposure: 2min @ f/8 bright sun

9min soak in Glyaxol @ 65deg ( prev. was 6min, did not check end temp )
3min development @ 65deg ( actually I used drift 63deg start - 66deg end )
rinse 10min @ 66deg
30s soak in 2% glycerin + 3 drop LFN @ 66 deg ( 375ml total )
Hey Mssr. Shaffer, I forget now as it's been so long, but what are the possible substitutes for glyaxol. It's purpose is to harden the emulsion, right? Do you think chrome alum would do the trick?

Also, I forget the purpose of the glycerin and potential substitues. Not that it's a chore to get glycerin (http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/afr...118523-product) but I'm getting some Sorbitol for my screen plate stuff and I'm curious if that would work.

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