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What&#39;s also very interesting is the observation that all the NP ("No Plumbing" or waterless) sets are reserved for commercial and the amateur sets demand water.

Super-Stabilizers like Tetenal&#39;s STAB-WL not only brightens up the paper a bit and replaces the need for watering ("No Plumbing") but even, according to vendors, **increases** the archival qualities. its perfect for the 4th slot in a Duolab or Nova Quad and even the wash slot (instead of water) in a Nova Club or TriRapid.

The downside is that the typical unit of sale is enough concentrate for 100 liters or more.. which again.. looking at the replentishment rates that&#39;s a whole lot of stab.

Which brings us full circle, again, to the inital point of question.. How long can these concentrates be stored. A mini-lab may run through many liters in no-time flat but I&#39;m quite far removed from being a "mini-lab"..