Has she had any prior experience in photojournalism?

If not, then perhaps she would benefit from beginning right now. Rather than hoping and waiting to convince someone to accept her into an academic program or apprenticeship, just begin the journey by taking the first step on her own initiative.

Now days it's easy to self-publish anything on the web. Perhaps she should look around her for a few interesting human interest stories just waiting to be told. Something she feels passionately about. Then pick one and start telling that story as a self-assigned project. It might be band related, or it might not.*

She will discover very quickly the demands of the process. It will be hard work. She'll experience successes and failures. It will become far more than just clicking the shutter. She'll need to do research. She'll need to explain herself to strangers - and convince them to give access and cooperation. She'll learn to change direction when the story turns out to be something different than she had at first thought. She'll have to fight to produce something of interest and lasting quality.

And after all that, she'll learn to boil down her raw material - both images and the written word - into a coherent presentation. Then create and present an online layout that communicates what she wants to say to her audience. And finally, listen carefully to that audience's reactions, both good and bad.

When finished she should be in a much better position to decide for herself if this is a direction she wishes to follow. At best she'll have found a calling and have something significant to show a prospective school or employer. And at worst she will have simply discovered that it's not the life for her, thus allowing her to move on.


* There are stories everywhere just waiting to be told. Just off the top of my head, how many times has she seen those impromptu side-of-the-road memorials commemorating past automobile accidents? Often they have small, family-placed crosses, some flowers, and maybe a flag or candle - and a name. There must be 50+ in my county alone. Each of these is a story waiting to be told in both pictures and words. Taken together those individual stories might make a very interesting photojournalism project, I would think.