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I had some C41 done there (Silvano's) about a month ago and the every roll was spotless. I was very happy.
I was going to go to Brown's but couldn't find C41 on there website anymore.
Silvano's was fine during the summer and into the fall. This last batch had small spots on several negs, both b&w and C41. Wonder if they'd cheaped out by running stale chemistry during the "sale" week? My film came back in 2 days instead of the 5-7 days turnaround during the summer/fall. Brown's dropped all processing after their move in July, sadly. They warned me that they'd seen a drop in Silvano's quality since many, like me, who'd once used them for processing switched but still brought film back for proofing. They have no reason now to slag Silvano's processing, not that they ever did. Not sure I'm willing to use Silvano's again after this. May switch over to TIW.