If you have a place that is doing a good job of printing and packing your prints for you then stick with them as long as you can. As for processing, again stick with your Sam's as long as you can, as long as you are feeding that machine it might just survive.

Your local Sam's club may stop processing film in house at some point, but they may continue to print from digital so keep using them for that service, they know you, and they know what you want and will continue to deliver it for you as long as they can. If your local Sam's stops processing film in house they probably will not care where the photos on your memory stick came from when you show up for print service. The people working at Sam's probably like working in the photography area, and will be happy with whatever work you can bring them.

As for processing, if your local Sam's stops doing it in house TEST their send out service and see how well they do, it might not be all that bad to use there send out service. Before that happens you might want to shop a few places and see how they do on test rolls just so you have a backup plan in place if you need it. The places that come to mind and do a really good job for me believe it or not are CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreen's if you want to stay local, I find that negative quality has more to do with the person running and taking care of the machine than anything else. I'm not a big fan of send out services, while they do excellent work for the most part, I prefer places that I can walk into and people that I know and know me. I have my film processed by Marry Ann, Rene, Janette, Mia, Michelle, and while Randy is too far of a drive for processing, I buy chemicals from him still. All these people work in real shops that I enjoy visiting and processing is not there first business, but they all do it quite well for me.

As for the whole line about there will always be people to process film, that is true but you have to be sure you do whatever you can to support them so that they can stay in business and be there processing film for you and everyone else that needs it. Also remember Digital was going to kill film, Film was going to kill painting, Painting was going to ruin drawing, and I am a draftsman so we see how all that is really going.