Congrats on the 8x10, but a word of warning, wait until addiction sets in.

My 8x10 is a restored Seneca City View made sometime in the early 1900's. I found her in a junk (er antique0 store in Burlington VT and paid the grand sum of $60.00. Like yours it came without a lens or lensboard.

I have a neighbour who helped drill a couple of plywood panels and they worked fine. My first lens was a process 14" process lens I picked up on Ebay for a song. Stopped down to f45 and used a black hat as a shutter. used Arista (Ilford) 125. and the results were awesome.

I have acquired a 12" Kodak Commercial Ektar and that is a great lens and using an adaptor plate I can used it on my 4x5 Wista and 5x7 Agfa. I also picked up a 10" Ilex Paragon at a local camera fair for $70 and I am waiting for the SK Grimes people to return the CLA'ed Betax No. 5 shutter.

So the moral is if you are patient and shop around you can get going for a reasonable price. The only concession I made was to get a couple of decent film holders and they cost me $60 a piece.

So have fun....