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Blast !

I have some 70 sheets of 20x24 Record Rapid c 1983~ish that I was saving for a rainy day

I used some of my other old Agfa stock of similar vintage a couple of years ago and it was fine - base fog was a fraction high but nothing to get upset about.

Since it was OK I assumed the big stuff would all still be OK

I had better break out a pack and see how it prints

I had been keeping it for something worthy - the way these old fashioned papers could handled the shaddows and highlights was simply stunning

1983 Record Rapid is quite different as the paper contains Cadmium which stabilises it. Tthe paper was modified on the late 1980's to meet stricter pollution laws in the EU (Common Market), the labelling changed at that point, as did the range of image tone/colours achievable wth it. Many other warm tone papers suffered from the removal of the Cadmium.

Bromide papers keep far better and I've used 1950's materials with mainly just a loss in speed & a little contrast.