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......... LEDs will only give off a certain frequency of light, nothing more.............
Unfortunately this is not generally the case. I am using my mark 3 LED safelight after the first two (one amber, one orange-red) were found to fog VC papers (Agfa and Ilford). My current one has extreme red LEDs and is very safe even at a high intensity.

Try this (thanks to Paul Butzi for the idea):

Look at the light of the LED reflected from the base of a CD at the angle that gives the "rainbow" effect. You will probably be surprised to see quite a range of colours from red through orange, yellow, green and even aqua. I think it's hard to judge the amount of each colour, though.

The spectrum graphs supplied by LED manufacturers shows the spread measured in arithmetic units, not the familiar logarithmic units used by photographers, so the spread is worse than it seems from a quick glance of the graph.

If someone finds an orange LED with very little spread please tell us all!