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My question on the f32 site that brought the original post of this thread up in my mind was the following:

What separates a composition or photo from being elementary, or a snapshot from a good one?
Read the thread over on f32, did not really understand what they meant either.

Now here's my take..1st..The masters of the grand landscape photography from the early 1900's thru the 1950's were showing work to an audience that did not have the ability to travel as easy as we do today. So part of what they were doing was showing the public what was there, much like the earlier photographers had done on the different expeditions. Today someone sees a print - color or B&W and the first thing they think is hey, I can do that I have a xxxx camera, will be in the area for business, so there is no - WOW Wish I could see that, it is such strange place. 2nd..many of the landscapes have been over done, so almost any image looks like a snapshot. (BTW - no one ever seems to explain what they mean by that statement). My take is it looks like one of 10, 100, 1000 other shots of an image really nothing special except to the person that made it...and there is NOTHING WRONG with that.

As was mentioned, some just like people in their photos - it makes the more interesting..but even that can lead to a snapshot looking image. The same things that make a good people picture will make a good landscape picture..proper technique, attention to light (for me light provides much of the emotion in any image), what is the main subject of the photograph.

One thing I have started doing is asking myself - WHY do I want to make this photograph? Why is it worthy of the film, time, developing, etc? What is it about this scene that makes me want to photograph it and do I know how to show that, how to capture that emotion I feel right now on film. It has stopped many of the shots I used to make, can't always get the way I feel on film, but am trying to learn why not, when it does not work. IT WILL HAPPEN Diane, it may take some time, but you will start to know when it does, you will 'see' in a different way - or at least that is what happened to me...have I been successful, heck I don't know, but now I don't worry about what everyone else thinks, just what I feel, and what the photograph shows.

Good luck..