I am new here - signed up basically to ask the question shown in the subject line.
I have been shooting Nikon DSLR's and after a hike into the Zion Narrows with a friend using a 4x5 view camera - I find my old interest in film being renewed.
I was hot on the trail of a Mamiya 7 or 7II before that very same friend pointed out to me that for a new-to-film Landscape Photographer I would be better served with a through the lens viewfinder vs a rangefinder camera.
So I started my online research again, this time with articles on the Pentax 67ii and as all good articles tend to do, by pointing out the pros and cons, I came away with more questions than answers.... camera shake caused by the type of shutter in the Pentax; a viewfinder that doesn't show 100% of the scene, etc.
I am sure this has been discussed here before - but remember I am new here and have much to learn.
Thanks in advance,