Actually, it's not so much the shutter in the Pentax 67 that causes the shake, it's the giant honking mirror that slaps around inside the body that causes shake. It's a different animal than the Pentax 67, but I'd suggest looking into a Mamiya RB or RZ. The cameras are plentiful, the lenses are easy to find and inexpensive for the most part, there are tons of accessories, and they're easy to get serviced as they are still in production. My best advice though on what to buy is to find someplace you can rent one (even if it means calling up a rental house in LA, San Francisco or New York and having it shipped to you) and take it for a week long extended test drive. That will give you a much better idea of what that particular camera is like and if you really want that style of camera. If you think you want to shoot mostly or exclusively hand-held, and you do a lot of backpacking, I see no problem with a Mamiya 7 ii. If most of what you shoot is stationary, and you find your camera on a tripod 80%+ of the time, the RB/RZ is perfect. If you do a lot of hand-held (but in the studio), a Pentax 67 is a good option, because the use of flash will help compensate for the mirror slap. The 7 ii is a rangefinder; the Pentax is very much like a K1000 on steroids, and the RB/RZ is by default a waist-level finder camera, which lends to yet another style of shooting even though it is an SLR. Yes, you can equip the RB/RZ with a prism finder for eye-level shooting, but it is still never going to handle like a Pentax 67 (not that that's a bad thing - just different).