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To Ratboy, my answer regarding lenses has to be generic - Sharp & Wide!

To The Flying Camera, I will be shooting on a tripod most of the time. There will be hiking, but no backpacking. No studio shooting. What can you tell me about the quality of the glass for the Mamiya RB and the focal lengths available and finally - never used a waist-level finder - what are the pros and cons.

Thanks for the responses
I kind of naturally assumed it would be a wide angle lens. I think you would be very happy with the Mamiya 7 and the wide angle lens for it; the images are gorgeous.

If you are hiking and using a tripod, let me tell you, the RB/RZ is FORKING HEAVY, so be in shape. You can eliminate the mirror slap with a mirror-up cable release, but I've never used one, I shoot exclusively with the RZ67 ProII. I hate the waistlevel myself, I use the AE prism, but I'm generally shooting kids running around. If I were only doing landscapes, I'd toss the prism without a second thought. It REALLY adds to the weight and it's EASIER to frame with the waistlevel, well for stationary subjects anyway.

I think we have eliminated that you don't care which wide angle lens you're thinking of, so I won't haggle with you on that (even though I could). At this level of shooting, all the lenses are worth what you pay for them.

$0.02: If it were ME, and all I were shooting was landscapes, I would get:
Toyo field camera.