Good evening,
I am an italian architect with the passion for photography.
I use 35mm, 6x7-6x9 and 4 x 5.
My film are Rollei superpan 200 for 35mm and Rollei Tonal 100 for medium and large format.
I love D-23 for developing my film with 1+1 or 1+2 diluition.
The contrast is low, the gray scale is wide but the acutance is low.
For increasing it I have read, in many scripture, is possible to use :1+3 diluition, add 50cc potassium iodide 0.001% and to make an unbroken agitation for the first minute and 5 seconds/3-4 minutes.
Somebody had ever tried to follow this procedure? What are been the results?
Is sufficient increasing the developing time of 25/30% starting from that used for 1+2 diluition (19.30 minutes).
Thanks and sorry for my bad english