I was quite busy for some time, so I haven't posted since the 13th of october.
Last weekend I printed my cards and I just dropped them into the mailbox.

Since my last post, I received many cards:
laurent: arrived today, nice detail of a vintage sewing machine
Darwin's prickly cacti
Dave Martiny's not really naked, cloaked during it's journey by an envelope
Uwe Pilz:impressive Leipzig tree, reminds me of a street in the village where I was born
Nige: blurred flowing water
Anikin's beautiful to see but painful to touch jellyfish
amiett:tree who don't want to grow up
bwakel:way into nature, beautiful light
BoxBrownie:Abandoned Playground. I guess, the children have decided to go for a swim...
gurkenprinz:beautiful Maserati, the driver was 33 years old, when it was built. The panorama format fits well.
mike c:wonderful architectural photo. The walking person, the gorgeous toning... I love it
MattKing:I like the position of that "zebra" tree and it's shadow in the picture
George Nova Scotia:I love those old papers. I started working in the darkroom at the same year when the picture was taken. Used Agfa paper and Adox films (the old Dr. Schleusner ones)
blackdog: It's really zen. Am I inside or outside the cave?
ozphoto: tiny but great postcard. Beautiful tonality.
blackdog: I got two cards from you this round. Captured movement, racy clipping
mooseontheloose: Afternoon snooze. Beautiful light on the subject. I think, I'm going to snooze now, too, after writing so much.

zzz ... zzz