I think Blansky hit it on the head. People who like people prefer people in landscape photographs. People who do not like people photography wonder why the hell the naked person is in the photograph.

I am definately the latter. A nude in the landscape is a bad landscape.

I am surprised that no one mentioned the importance of compositional placement in eliciting emotion in the viewer. Line is the idea I know most about. Straight, curving, S, jagged etc.. all serve to elicit certain emotions. You can make a dramatic landscape but in truth it has no emotion. If we look at a sky and think "that is an angry sky" we personify the sky. Give it human emotions. If we want to bring out this emotion in someone else we have to personify the sky in the image we present to them through our composition, printing, and presentation.

I like your last question a lot and wonder why you did not ask it here as well?