Again, thanks all for the replies so far. So I've lurked around since the last post and I discover (obviously) that alot of you do your own developing and printing.

Question: is it crazy to think I can jump back into film without, at some point, considering developing myself?

Part of me has this romantic notion of going back to the old ways and just shooting b&w and maybe carving a niche in providing b&w portraiture (who hasn't done that, right?). If I was brave enough to do that, I'd develop my own negs in a heartbeat. But then I feel like I should just go all the way and build a dark room to do some printing...

And then reality hits that with a full time job, what little photography I do has to exist around everything else that needs me. I couldn't tell you if I'd love taking the time to develop film, let alone spend time printing. Maybe I'm not a film guy after all? Anyone ever dealt with that feeling? I mean, the rest of my life is so ensconced in digital - except for my completely analog Omega Speedmaster Moon watch - everything I do revolves around this internet, DVR's, Blu-Rays, camcorders....even the music I make and listen to is very digital. I play real drums though, but the recording and marketing is all digital. It wouldn't be possible to get it out there if it weren't for digital.

Someone here called themselves an anachronism. Could I be experiencing false-anchrony?