I have decided to go with the Ultracolor paper just for starters to learn the craft since it's so cheap. However, the corresponding RA-4 kit is rather pricey. What are some of the cheapest RA-4 kits out there? I'll probably using developer one-shot unless there's another feasible option for replenishment that isn't too terribly complicated. I have one of those rotating drums for processing, but I want to go through prints as fast as possible for when I'm in a crunch and have a lot to print in a hurry. I've heard Tetenal chemicals can be used at room temp, but theirs are rather expensive 5 Liter kits. Can Kodak's larger 10 liter kit be used at room temperature one shot? Also, about how many sq. in. of paper can a ten liter kit handle one shot?

~Karl Borowski