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"How do you put emotion & feeling into a landscape?"

I would say the first thing is for you to feel emotional about the landscape. It must resonate with you first, and if you can recognize the emotions then I would think that is the first step. Only then can you convey this emotion in your final print.
I agree....

If the photographer doesn't have a emotion/passion for their subject, in this case the landscape. Then its going to be hard to find emotion in their photographs of that subject.

The wonderful thing (TO ME) about photography, is that it's a great big window into the photographer. That's what makes a photograph more then just a landscape, it becomes an insight into how WE SEE the landscape. If we don't have a passion for it, then that shows also. Every photograph we make gives the viewer our viewpoint of the subject. That viewpoint is not just about camera angle or other technical things. It's about us, and what we feel.