Nicely related to a thread you have probably grown to hate me over but.....

I agree totally by those who think that you have to 'connect' with the lanscape you are trying to capture the essence of or perhaps enhance or subtly alter the essence of. Sometimes it hits me quickly, other times it can take a bit of being rained on and a few visits. I am frustrated by the times that I know what I feel, but cannot compose an image I feel has the potential to convey this (A case in point being a wood in N.Wales full of moss and hanging ferns that I have yet to expose an image in. I just cant get all my thoughts and sensory experiences into one image. I will keep visiting until I do.....). I know some would disagree, but it helps to understand what it is that moves you. I find that I am consciously aware of this, even if I find it hard to fully describe. The mechanics of operating the camera to 'get this' on film is the easy part as is filter selection to alter contrast/colour etc. Knowing what to get on film and how it should be portrayed in a print is the hard bit IMHO. In one case it might be wonderfully dramatic intimidating climatic conditions and another time the relationship betweeen folds in distant fields, so one cannot say in all cases how to do this. Goodness knows how many times I have failed to communicate what I have felt and want others to feel. I think if you know what you are trying to say to the viewer you are largely there.......the rest is the technical task of capture.

Some have suggested (in another thread) that the process can be subconscious, ie you feel things, but dont need to understand them to successfully get it on film and print it. I personally find that I do need to know what it is on some level to be able to know how to progress through the other stages (otherwise I would not know how to decide which filter to use or exposure and the myriad of other decisions if I did not know what I wanted to achieve and others to be able to see)

This thread's question is probably responsible for more frustration to me thn anything else in photography. Technical issues have simple(er) answers or lines along which to develop. When I am flummoxed on how to convey something, I am on my own!