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What are some of the cheapest RA-4 kits out there? I'll probably using developer one-shot unless there's another feasible option for replenishment that isn't too terribly complicated. I have one of those rotating drums for processing, but I want to go through prints as fast as possible for when I'm in a crunch and have a lot to print in a hurry. ]

The Fotochem stuff is fairly cheap.


You'll have to ask what shipping will set you back. No need for replenishment. I make up a small amount of developer. 250ml I guess and 500ml of stop and blix. The three chemicals go into small glass bottles. IIRC the alleged capacity of the stuff works out be 13 8x10 prints for every 250ml of developer. In my expierence that number is very low. If you do a pre-wash capacity is even higher. The thing is once you mix up the developer it's life is measured in weeks. The concentrate lasts alot longer. All I do is reprogram the analyzer every so often. I guess every 20 8x10s. The change in the analyzer setup is very small over the life of the chemicals.

Best way to deal with high volume is to get a bigger drum. My biggest will handle 4 8x10s and I think about the bigger model every so often.