An experience that will stay with forever was (whilst working at a safari lodge in Zimbabwe) was going for a run through what had been a forested mountain. There had been a bush fire a few days before and the forest was gone. What was left was a martian landscape of rock, thick ash, flickering trunks still alight and OMG...the smells. Above this hellish scene (which was probably the most unusual run I have been on.......) Black eagles circled beneath a piercing sun and the quick resumption of 'normal life' was astonishing. For me this was an intensely powerful experience. The scene held the essence of nature for me. The utter rawness, power and unforgiving qualities we both admire and fear. Along with this came the fact that we bounce back. The animals bounced back (those which had survived) and instantly returned to the daily demands of life on earth. In some senses, despite the magnitude of what had happened, nothing had happened. Life goes on. Needless to say, I did not have a camera (or in fact own one) at the time, but experiences like this inspired me to get one...! I am a nature lover. The 'energetic charge' I get from then land, the sense of connection is quiet unlike anything else for me. I can walk out into a wood and get a surge of euphoria - literally a 'high'. Not adrenalin....but more of a happy drug 'love' kinda feeling. I would not say the same as a kiss with a beautiful woman ... but fueled by equally base instinct programming.

I have also spent many years elsewhere in Africa and in the same countries where the landscape was moving, the human dimension is not lost on me either. I am primarily but not exclusively a landscape photographer and have a great deal of appreciation for photographers who deal with either.