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It is nice that somebody has put together a kit again, but the price is out of hand compared to Kodak's. When Kodak had the one gallon kit, I used to spend $75 for 7.5 L worth of processing chemicals (at least 64 rolls, and often more, as I would go through the chems a third time with less important pictures). That is 10 dollars per quart, compared with Rollei's price of $35 per liter.

Kodak chemicals can still be purchased individually, for even cheaper than I got the kits for. The developer is $7.50 for a quart of concentrate to make nearly 18 gallons of working solution. At that price, you can even feel ok using it one shot. One shot, you would get 288 rolls, two shot (which works perfectly fine), you would get 576. The fixer is $7.50 to make five gallons. This is theoretically enough to process 300 rolls of film going through the chems only once (twice as many if going through twice), plus you can use the same fixer for all your black and white film and paper processing needs. Again, cheap as dirt, and both of these chemicals can be mixed bit at a time as needed, so they do not spoil. The stabilizer is about $3 a bottle, good for about eight weeks or 180 rolls. The expensive part is the bleach. It is about $40 for about 100 rolls worth of bleach, in a pre-mixed 2.7 L container. (When the one gallon bleach was around, it was $25 for 120 rolls worth.) There is a starter/replenisher way to do it for much cheaper, but I am not familiar with it.

When you do all the maths, you see that for $35, you get about 50 rolls of processing (one shot developer, using other chems twice), compared to Rollei's $35 for 20 rolls reusing the developer multiple times; if one shot developer, it would only be five rolls (or four, as most people do not have five-roll tanks), so the Rollei chemistry is over 10x more expensive...and for what reason?

It is perhaps a good kit for teaching classes, in which the students might shoot 10 to 20 rolls in the course of a class, they do not want to rely on the group chemistry's purity, and they will likely never process color film again. It is also good for those who process infrequently. However, it is economic folly for anyone regularly doing even moderate quantities of color processing at home.
The most sold working kits in Europa are produced by Fuji, Rollei and Tetenal. I have compared these prices at the leading British Mail Order House, Firstcall Photographic Ltd.
Here is my list, one time the prices in British Pounds, one time in Euro (exchange rate today is 1,19).

Fuji Press Kit for 5 Liter 37,99 45,21
price for one film 400/27 0,75

Tetenal Colortec 1 Liter 14,29 17,00
price for one film 400/27 2,13

Tetenal Colortec 5 Liter 49,99 59,49
price for one film 400/27 0,99

Rollei Digibase C-41
#RDC14 for 500ml 18,99 22,60
price for one film 400/27 2,26

#RDC15 for 1 Liter 24,99 29,74
price for one film 400/27 1,49

#RDC16 for 2,5 Liter 32,99 39,26
price for one film 400/27 0,79

#RDC17 for 5 Liter 39,99 47,59
price for one film 400/27 0,48

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