I have no idea how good or bad this paper is. I do know that when I started printing color..ep2..I went thru a 100 sheet box to get a properly filtered, exposed and processed pic.

I have bought and been satisfied with buying unopened boxes of Crystal Fuji Archive from ebay which were inexpensively obtained.

If you have your processing under control you might well be able to establish a correlation between the cheap paper and the endura so that you could take several or more sheet to find your exposure and filtration on the cheap stuff and know for example the Endura requires 20% less exposure, 15 more units of red and 4 more of magenta...actually probably stated as a percent.
Then you could get a proper print on Endura by using only a few prints.

In my opinion your success as a color printer is going to come from sticking to it. It requires plenty of chemicals, electronic light control...a stable light source, processing control, paper and more than any other ingredient sticking to it.

Good luck.