Eric makes a good point,
I never give one print to a client, I always do a spread, first I print till I think the client will be happy, I then make a better print, I then make a print the way I would like it , (within the mandate I am familiar with by working with this person over time) I then give the client all the prints to choose from. Today I am printing as we chat a lith job for a US magazine. I am using Oriental G4 that he supplied, and I am throwing in some Sterling Lith prints.
Each image looks totally different , but I know the G5 will satisfy him for his client but the sterlings are grittier and more impactful. I will be curious to see which images the magazine chooses.

This method of printing pisses off my competition as some would say the printer should know what he is doing with one print. I believe making mistakes sometimes produce the best prints.