Hi All,

Our new system has been humming along fairly well. We are breaking all time traffic and user registration records since the upgrade, so it seems we are on the right track -but there is still a lot of work to do. We are currently running a customized vBulletin 4.0.7 core system. Over the last month or so vBulletin have released 4.0.8, and 4.1 PL1, These are 2 major point releases fixing 600+ bugs in the core software. Our development environment is now on 4.1, but we need quite a bit of custom coding before we roll it out to our main live site. This is a bit of a challenge during the holiday season. My usual coders are not available until the new year, so we hope to pick up on development of APUG the first week of January. We will be going through all feedback and bug report threads on APUG and fixing as much as possible. With the new updates will also come a major gallery update and possibly a new homepage that brings more attention to industry news.

So, from now until Jan. the main focus will be on clearing the help desk queues, general site support and server maintenance. With the added site traffic the amount of help desk requests seem to be growing exponentially. Apologies to those still waiting on help requests, they should be cleared up soon.