One of the things that I've been working on has been to develop an awareness of what it is about a scene or some other subject that grabs my attention and produces an emotional response in me. Is it the colors? The space? Just what is it that made me stop and say, "Ooo, wow!"? Doing that seems to help the process of trying to figure out how best to convey a similar emotion in the image of the thing.

If the emotion is the result of a single perspective on the scene, it can probably be translated to film. If, however, it's a combination of different views, some of which my eye may have "zoomed" in on small details, that becomes more difficult to capture in a single image. If it's the smell (ala Tom's burnt forest), it's even more difficult to capture. Certainly, one might compose with a smoldering stump in the foreground, and include the devastation in the background. But, the effectiveness of the image relies on evoking a similar memory in the viewer's experience.