When I worked on instant products, we had to hand assemble film packs with pods, rails and traps to run lab experiments. That thingie at the opposite end of the package from the pod is called a trap, as its purpose is to trap excess pod goo. If it is not built correctly it can leak or have other unintended bad consequences. Our lab traps looked like postits with glue on 2 ends. One was stuck to the back of the film and the other to the back of the receiver. The trap was acid impregnated "blotter" to soak up and neutralize the goo.

We had little flat bed tempered 4x5 roller units to test experiments in the lab.

So, knowing how hard this can be, your work is not so much bringing a smile to my lips but rather making me laugh because I know how hard it is to do something like this.

Best wishes. BTDT!!!!!