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Finally started building my 14x17. Got the base and, bed rails done. Will start on the frame for the back next week hopefully. I'm really taking my time with this. Jim, how's it going?
Andrew, I finally decided to stop teaching carbon and concentrate on the camera this month. Still have some negatives to develop, make carbon prints and finally get my website up and running and build the camera! Oh, forgot going to Zion at the end of the month.

So here is where I'm at. I put the front tilt on today and I need to make some minor adjustments to it but it is done. The bottom back bed is done and I've cut the slots in the side of the rail for the bed to slide on. I have to cut the slots for the gear track and get that installed and then do the back. I sent my frames to Custom Bellows in England. The bellows is $395.00. It will be 36" long. Hope to get it in about 4 weeks. By then I should have everything else done. More pictures when I can.