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Yeah...the romance of dealing with shifty, dodgy types who'll take images, use them without permission and pay squat (if anything at all).

Message to the daughter: there's a big difference between hanging out with a band and working with a band. By all means - hang out, have fun, enjoy the tunes. Maybe take a picture or two, why not. But if you get the urge to knock your head against a brick wall, flush money down the toilet and have people disrespect/steal/lie about your hard-won images, there's surely a better way than by getting bands mixed up in it.

i shot a band early this past summer.
i gave them the images for free
and they gave me a cd and stickers ...
i get the by-line and a mention in the liner notes.

sometimes you just gotta realize bands are broke
and its kind of fun just to give stuff away ...
its like doing the wedding for a friend at.

i wouldn't try to make a living out of that though.