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I wish I could get my hands on good stuff.

Nobody wants to ship these to Canada for some reason. What gives?
And Kodak's Rochester HQ is sooo close to Toronto (don't know if that matters), it appauls me that I can't even get any trace amount of C-41 here.

Basically the only thing that I can get ar those darn powder kits. Unicolor and Tetenal (I think they're the same too).

Not fair.
Actually, Photographer's Formulary *will* ship their repackaged Kodak Flexicolor 1L kit (repackaged because Kodak only sells larger quantities now) to Canada - I checked with them. I haven't been able to find another retailer who will ship liquids chems to Canada, and the local photo store who deals with Rollei film has indicated their distributor can't get the Rollei-branded Fuji chem kit, either.

The other places, it seems, don't want to be bothered with the cross-border hazmat paperwork (I don't blame them, it's not their primary business).

Unfortunately, the Formulary-repackaged kit is not overly cost effective vs. local dev. only processing. The kit is US$28.95 plus US$35.75 for shipping (via USPS) to me here in Winnipeg. Assuming a capacity of 16 rolls x 36 exp (same listed capacity as the Unicolor kits), that's $4.04/36 exp. roll. Dev-only is $4-5 at most places I've checked.

I was about to go the powdered-kit route as well, but I've managed to hook up with a fellow Winnipegger who has repurposed some Konica mini-lab chems for home use. So, that might be one route if you're in TO.