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Another item to consider is the life of the batteries at such low temperatures. Most extreme wintertime shooters do better with a manual wind if the mittens permit it. I have used an SQAi with an optional external AA battery pack that can be tucked under the clothing to keep them going. I wonder if such a thing exists for theSQAM?
Sounds to me you need to ask Santa for a metering prism for the ETRSi.
Yes, the SQ-am has a socket for plugging in an external power pack. The power packs are easy to make at home too. My DSLR dies on me after five minutes in those temperatures. Photography under circumstances like these are very little about photography and very much about just planning for being able to shoot at all.
Forty centigrades below the freezing point is no joke. Last winter I brought an extentioncord for the electrical engine heater on my car outside and it took just a few minutes for soft rubber insulation to get hard as bone. I could have placed the cable vertically up into the air if I wanted to. Ten years ago we had minus 53 here, and the rubber insulation fell off the elecrical system of cars and started fires.
Now, that's seriously cold. But when you do get to shoot the images are wonderful. The cold brings out all the beauty that nature has to offer and colors are out of this world.