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The first coating was our first run on the big machine.
We undershot our target by about 1/2 to 1 F-Stop so we started touching the emulsions again and this is the reason for the current delay.

The film is usable and not worse than 5 year old APX out there but base fogg will be lower and speed will be increased in the final product.

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I am finding that the "true" film speed of the "last gasp" AgfaPhoto-produced APX 400 is not ISO 400. This is based on testing of film that has been carefully refrigerated and stored. I cannot safely expose that film at EI 400 even when shot in flat light and developed in Ilford DD-X. That film also lacks sharpness and seems to require extended development time to reach "normal" contrast levels.

I do not believe this simply a case of the film being old because the base fog levels do not seem elevated.