I am member of all cinematography lists , forums I have ever found and everyone is talking about how they paid 45000 to RED camera or is 20000 dollars is good for russian optics.
I think obtaining a cinema cameraman degree can carry her to Hollywood , Bollywood , Hong Kong Cinema. I think film retouching , effects creating is another branch and if some university teach that stuff , there is no hunger.
My university friend got Nuclear Engineering degree than Architecture degree and become foremost Video Jockey . All he does is to find programmers for processing software and than copy paste MIT ideas and make a short animation. This is another way to tell with visuals.
If she wants to write her story , linguistics is another branch to study for but she can find herself as a high school teacher at the end.
I think BEST way to obtain money from visuals is to join hollywood 3D cinema hardware , software expert courses. It is no ending investment on learning new softwares , hardwares courses but great fun.
So engineering , electrical or electronics can make her boat safe
I think send her to a 3D movie and ask her does she want to the same
Photographing , portrait work for famous peoples is another branch
I think sending her to psychologist can help her to thinking wiser.