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In post #36, Mirko discussed film speed of the final product. Posts closely following that one covered developement. Bottom line: Rodinal 1+25 should require "average" times, while Rodinal 1+50 will be "long" like the final APX 400 batch, if not exactly the same time.
Yes, I read that; there was a reformulation of APX 400 in 2003.

But I have also heard that the AgfaPhoto (the very short-lived spinoff of the consumer film division which lasted only from late-2004 into mid-2005) batches of APX 400 did not perform as the data sheets accompanying the 2003 reformulation would indicate. The very last batches produced by AgfaPhoto seemed to have less contrast, film speed, and sharpness than the product produced from the introduction of the reformulated film until (maybe) late 2004.

I have heard varying stories as to the problems - even once hearing that AgfaPhoto's by-then-worn-out emulsion "kettle" had to be hastily repaired and adjustments made due to that.

The results of my own experience with rolls from the very last batch of AgfaPhoto APX 400 is here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/8...apx-400-a.html

I am certainly open to purchasing the ADOX APX 400, but it will need to perform a great deal better than that last batch.