The Metz 60 CT series looks to be ridiculous cheap used for what it is. Very powerful, pretty portable, etc etc. You can especially find the heads (which they describe as body only) for quite cheap (less than $50). I want to wireup my own battery system to these.

Anybody know the input voltage on the 60 CT-1 and CT-2? I know the "pack" uses a 6v battery (either nicad or lead acid), but I would much rather built my own NiMh pack (no memory, and I go with either high current cells or low self discharge - or both). However, I dont want to have to buy an additional power pack for each head that I this adds to the cost a lot, and weight. If I could wireup my own battery + transistor setup I could start with any source (12v DC comes to mind) up to what the Metz uses. Ive heard 330v, and also 360v. I'd also like the ability to put two flashes on the same pack

Finally, anyone think it would be possible to just wire up something like the Nikon SD8 clone seen here:

To a Metz 60 CT-1? I believe that outputs 330v, and if the Metz uses close to that it might work.....

Please excuse my ignorance of electric engineering, Ive only taken some physics and wired up (soldered) my own RC car batteries.