I shoot 4X5 Portra and now wish to delve into C41 processing.
The big question to use is what chemicals? As far as I can see Vanbar, are the only ones who sell chemicals in Australia . Its quite difficult to get your head around the Kodak and Fuji chemicals, and when I do, I find no one sells them all. For someone like me Tetenal makes it easy, but I don't know if I am that happy with the combined, Bleach/fixer. But I will give it a go.
I notice Fuji seems to make an ideal kit, the Fuji C41 Film X-Press kit, but it is not available here. One retailer in the States said there is a big increase in small volume C41 processing. If someone sold the Fuji kit I'm sure people would buy it in favour of Tetenal.
Can the C41 community tell me how you handle C41 in Aust, where you get the chemicals, and which ones you use?