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Urban legend, resultant from jounalists. NONE of the MC lenses which I looked up in the list below are the same formulation as any of the PE lenses!

Optical design of each lens, in terms of elements and groups

40PE=9/8, 40MC=10/8
50PE=9/7, 50MC=9/8
75PE=6/5, 75MC=6/4
150PE=6/5, 150MC=5/5
250PE=6/6, 250MC=5/5
Interesting. I accepted that the PE 150/3.5 and 250/5.6 were the same as the MC based on the close focusing distances being the same, while the all-new 135 and 180 PE's had much closer distances. That in itself is certainly not proof, but I never checked further. There was also a 150/4-are your specs for the 3.5?

The other lenses have no direct PE equivalent...100 Macro MC, 200MC, 500MC
That I have to disagree with. There were PE 100 macro's. KEH has some for sale right now. They also have a couple of E's. Tamron says the MC designation was dropped in favor of E, though I sure haven't seen many lenses marked "E".


I suspect but don't know that they are the same, as the 105mm 4.5 PE macro was coming down the pike.

There is definitely a PE 200. It also has a long close focus compared to the 180.
I have not heard of a 500MC, though they sold both the 500 f/8 PE and 500 f/8 EII, which are very different lenses, with the PE much larger and twice the weight, and much more complex optically.