Photos made by case-by-case decision: YES, unless the photos would fail to meet some important conceptual goal unless made with pre-determined guidelines. Photos made by predetermined rules: NO, unless the rules are somehow part of your concept.

In other words, do what you want to do in order to do what you want to do with the picture/series.

IMO, good art photography is seldom only about making an attractive picture. That is mainly what commercial photography's goal is. Making an attractive picture should not be the goal of photographic art; making the attractive picture should be a tangible technique that can be used or misused to achieve an intangible artistic goal. So, make your pictures such that the way they look serves your purpose; do not just blindly make them look "good" based on some predetermined set of guidelines. I fail to see why so damned many people need to set up rules for themselves in their shooting/printing. Just shoot, and make it good...or not. My two cents. I am sure YMWV.