I have lugged around my Cambo SC quite a bit. It's not as difficult as one would imagine, you just have to have arms like The Hulk is all. I can only walk like a 1/10 of a mile before having to set it down for a minute or two or shift hands as it starts pulling the arm out of the socket if you keep on going. Man you can get every movement possible with a Cambo even the ones that are impossible (ever seen on on an eBay ad?) but they really make lousy field cameras. The SCX seems nice with the geared movements but man, geared movements won't make you any happier when your arms have been ripped out of your shoulder.

On the other hand, if you're going for a nice long hike, disassemble the Cambo and it will get down to folding flat space. Heck you fit your entire Cambo in one massive backpack and still have room for a stick of gum. In that same backpack I can carry my entire Mamiya RB 67 with three lenses, two backs, filters, and three viewfinders including that massive heavy prism and still more. But by golly, my Cambo will fit in there too with everything ripped out and using it as a large single cavity. Sure, you can fit it in there. Take 10 minutes to set up is all. If this is how you shoot every scene already, then you're going to love this approach. Otherwise you're going to be where I am, which is wishing that I didn't buy this that and the other and just focus on the one thing I wanted which is one of the technical field cameras like the Toyo, or Wista, or a Linhoff. A Speed or Crown Graphic isn't good enough. I understand the hate. You need the rear movements for most of the landscape work that I do.

But there is also the best of all worlds. If you don't ever need to hand hold your 4x5, then you don't need a Toyo, Wista or Linhoff, instead you can consider one of the (very pricey) Horsemans or the new Linhoff monorails that fold nearly flat and are very compact and you don't need to fully disassemble down to the front and rear standards and bellows and rail and tripod support in separate packages. They are very pricey though. Certainly more than the Cambo SCX. Cambo might be making one of these new ultra-compact "monorails" now too for all I know, but I can tell you this, they are pricey!