I'm one of those young film shooters they mention in the article, I started on a digital and picked up a 35mm. then another, and another, now I have 7 and 4 are SLR's.

I can look through my portfolio, it's organized by dates, and I notice that after a certain date that I shot a picture of my Nikon FG, a week later when I loaded film into it and started shooting, I immediately noticed all my digital photos coming out better. More keepers, less snap-shooting, better processing, better composition. 35mm has really taught me how to make a great picture out of the most mundane objects.

I was originally going to stay all digital, and only use the Nikon for practice until I got better, but I kept with the format instead and love it. I have three digis, my Rebel XTi, a Canon Powershot A640 backup, and a teeny little FujiFilm Z33 I use on my bicycle, it's waterproof. For basic imagery, photos of the parents, things for Facebook, I rock the digital.

But when I really want to make a great image that will last for generations to come and I'll have something to show my brother's children "Look what your uncle does", film all the way. My Dad still thinks film is already dead, but I'm like he flipped when I showed him my freezer one day.