So on my local craigslist there is an Polaroid MP-3 copy camera up for sale. It comes with some lenses that I'm curious about.

A 105mm f/4.5 lens in a Copal and a 127mm f/4.5 lens, also in a Copal shutter.

Both shutters only have B & 1/125th, which would be interesting. But I'm wondering what anyone knows about these lenses. I asked for the brand, hopefully they will get back to me soon. I did a bit of searching and many appear to be Taminon (IIRC) and some people on flickr are using them on 8x10".

So my question is, would they be good on 4x5"? What's their story basically, are they flat field copy lenses, or macro or what? Worth anything? Could they be put in a more useful shutter?