Well I just got my two Mamiya 6 bodies back from MAC group for a second time and they are still not aligned correctly. The one body is prefect but the other is still out.

Here's the test I did before and after to check alignment:

I put the 150mm lens on body 1 on a tripod and focused at a line at 7' and took a photo and processed the film. The film was perfectly sharp on that line. Without moving the tripod I went back again, focused at 7' again, then while carefully taking off the 150 not to change the focus I put the lens on camera 2 and the patch was not agreeing. It wanted to focus at about 6 '.

So what I need is for body marked 2 to be aligned to match body 1. I sent it back to MAC group after the first alignment telling them exactly what I needed and they still couldn't get it right.

So is this something I can do myself? I have also contacted KEH to see if they can do this. It would seem rather simple to me. Adjusting a simple cam inside until the patch in camera "2" matches camera "1". Since I have one body that's prefect I don't think I could mess it up as easily right?

Anyone else done this? Or should I leave it to the specialists (or so-called specialists)?