Its amazing at what 10 minutes of research can do on the internet. I found a few great articles on adjusting Mamiya 6/7 cameras yourself. So after feeling anxious and quite frustrated already. I took the cover off of camera "2" and saw the screws. One tiny fraction on a turn of the horizontal screw brought camera "2" into alignment with camera "1". UNBELIEVABLE!! I can't believe MAC group couldn't get this correct and I also don't understand why so many people discourage aligning these cameras themselves. All you need to be is gentle and patient. I guess it helps too that I have a one body that I know is prefect, so aligning the 2nd is simply a matter focusing on something close with the 150mm on a tripod with the good camera, taking the lens off being careful not to adjust the focus and putting it on the bad camera and adjusting the screw to make the patch line up horizontally.