Wanted, a tech field camera 4x5. I'd consider a "Toyo View" the precursor for the Toyo 45 series, which is a 5x7 and usually with a reduction back to 4x5. I need rear movements. Not all field cameras have them but tech field cameras usually do.

I have a number of things to trade with. I need to conserve my cash, but I might be able to pay some cash and partial trade.

What I have I'm willing to trade:

Mamiya RB67 Pro S kit. Very nice kit. 3 lenses, 2 backs, three viewfinders, lens hoods, filters, body cap, two grips.. estimated value I would say over at KEH would be something like $1300. Kit is in very good condition.

Bronica ETRs with normal lens (has very nice bokeh), metered AE prism finder, two film backs but only one darkslide, two filters (sky and nd) and speed grip which has the winder on the grip and makes this such a portable camera.

Gundlach Korona I think 5x7 but with a 4x5 back. It's larger than the 4x5's I've seen photos of on the internet. I think.. not entirely sure, it's a 5x7. Very good bellows, do not have the extra tailboard. Has all movements on front standard, and rear standard has swing and geared tilt. I do not know how to estimate the age, but I think this is from the 1930's. Has a decent spring back, no light leaks, tested and true. Three lens boards of various sizes. One of them for sure is a Copal 1 size as I could interchange my Nikkor 210 on it. Not sure the other lens board sizes. Finish is original, but actually quite decent considering the age.

Voigtlander Avus 9x12 with three film holders, two of which I was working on making light tight, and think I bent it back into shape right.

Voigtlander Avus 6x9 with a roll film holder and no cut sheet holders.

Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera with two boxes of Kodachrome. Not sure if they were used or not, but it's kind of nostalgic I guess.

Burke & James 6x9 press camera and now I finally got some film holders for it, haven't shot it yet don't have any 6x9 film to find out if it's a good shooter or not.

I'm in California, by the way.