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The same effects one achieves with rear movements are easily achieved on cameras that do not physically have rear movements, as long as the cameras have front movements.
Gee I hope we aren't accused of thread hijacking, getting into another topic than the weight of a Cambo. I am curious how you go about ensuring everything is in focus both near and far without stopping down to f64 and only using front movements. I'm only 1-2 years experienced with view camera movements but it seems to me that front swing and tilt require a huge amount of swing or rise/fall to get the center of the lens image to appear centered on the film plane. For me, rear movements are the single most important function of view cameras because I want to compose the image first, get that all centered, and then adjust rear swing/tilt to bring foreground and background closer in focus so that I don't need to stop down to f64, and without applying any other skewing. Using front movements only might limit your ability to focus near/far if you don't have much in the way of shift or rise/fall.