I dont agree any comment of these websites.
Leica lenses are most heavily engineered , most heavily calculated lenses on earth.
And they did everything to improve the glasses , they have the most expensive , hardest to produce , longest time invested and most genius glasses on earth.
YOU can not JUDGE a Summaron as OK as Camera Quest did. They are handmade custom 3 million dollar Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and all other competitors are toyota , you can buy at USA used for 500 dollars.
There is that difference.
Its like sleeping with Miss America or Miss Universe or an ugly woman.
I used every kind of Leica and only the Leitz Wetzlar stuff are that good , I dont think Noctilux and Summilux Leica Solms deserves such a treatment.
People hate Leica because they cant buy it. And if you cant sleep with Miss Universe , dont throw shit to her.